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Readers of this blog may recall the point of everything that was done in regards to the District Convention was to make sure the Oregon Delegation to the Republican National Convention would be seated (see Links in the chain Part 1 and Part 2).  Some participants and commentators have said they have a different goal in mind, but ORP Chairman Allen Alley, party staff and the Executive Committee were working to accomplish this one thing.  After all, the point of the District Convention is to select that Delegation and, if we failed to do that in a way that met RNC requirements, then it was an exercise in futility; the months of preparation and the votes of those who participated were pointless.

This past weekend, the efforts are vindicated.  On Saturday, August 11 2012, the ORP released the following.

ORP Executive Committee,

This email just went out to all of the Delegates and Alternate Delegates:

All Delegates and Alternate Delegates,

I am pleased to announce that the RNC has ruled on the Alternate Delegate contests.  They were very clear.  The following are their rulings:

  1. Whether the ORP, pursuant to their Party Bylaws and Standing Rules, has the authority to conduct the Convention as one meeting in five locations?  Yes.
  2. Did the Convention adjourn at 5:00p.m. as stated in the Official Agenda?  Yes.
  3. Were any of the elections of alternate delegates that occurred during any of the meetings after 5:00pm valid?  No.
  4. Was the ORP Executive Committee’s action on July 30, 2012, to select and certify alternate delegates to the national convention, authorized and legal?  Yes.

What this means is there are no changes to the list of Delegates and Alternates we previously published and all challenges are disallowed.  On the second challenge regarding alternates voting in our delegation meeting, the RNC ruled that they do not have jurisdiction therefore the elections stand.  There could be an appeal to the decisions but as I said before, the committee was very clear on their rulings.

I want to thank you all for working with us as we go through this process.  I am really looking forward to the convention.  With the announcement of Paul Ryan as our Vice Presidential nominee, I think we now have a ticket that the entire party, and the country can rally around.

On to Tampa!

Allen Alley

Oregon Republican Party

Oregon Delegation RNC

It’s unlikely this will mollify the critics and rabble-rousers; they, after all, appearfocused on another objective, and we’ll all just have to wait and see how that plays out.  However, it’s clear the target the ORP was aiming for was hit right in the center.


Written by Jeffrey S. Smith

14 August 2012 at 9:27 am

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