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Jeffrey S. Smith, the owner/operator of the whitestick papers, has been involved in Republican Party politics since he was in high school.  Having been active at all levels of political campaigns, both for candidates and ballot measures, he’s seen what works and what doesn’t – and that much of the advice given to candidates stacks up with the “what doesn’t”.  Jeffrey is currently the Chairman of Oregon’s First Congressional District Republican party, a volunteer statewide leadership post he’s held for a decade and to which he’s been re-elected three times.  A recognized authority on ways to inexpensively and effectively run campaigns, he’s the “go-to guy” for Republican candidates for US Congress in the First District as well as candidates for Governor and the state Legislature.

To avoid getting into the fruitless debates blogs tend to generate but really enjoying a rousing discussion, he’ll commit to respond to a commenter only once, in the hopes it’ll spark a meaningful dialog.  If, in his opinion, it’s pointless, he sees no reason to start a conversation or, once started, keep it going.  Logic, facts and well-considered opinions are welcome; trolls are, to paraphrase Warf (ST:TNG), “…a waste of skin.”


Written by Jeffrey S. Smith

25 December 2009 at 9:57 pm

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