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Early thoughts on the first major battle…

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Second American Revolution

For most of the last two years, the United States has been building to what I hope is the Second American Revolution.  This is a revolution that uses ballots rather than bullets but one that will determine whether this is a nation that strives for liberty or devolves into just another oppressed people eking what joy they can from past power and glory.  The first major battle of that modern rebellion was fought last Tuesday and it’s always good to figure out what went well and, more to the point, what didn’t and why.

One major win is that Nancy Pelosi will no longer be third in line for the Presidency.  She held on to her position as a Representative from California, but there was a significant change in the House.  It’s a bit early to tell the final count for sure, but it’s clear the Democrats lost their supermajority.  The Republicans don’t have enough to  overturn a veto but they don’t need it; the Obama effort to fundamentally change America is stalled – assuming, of course, the American people keep paying attention and Congress pays attention to what they say.  There’s no guarantee, unfortunately, that either will be true.

The situation in the Senate is a little less rosy.  Projections show it as close to an even split as you can get, and there’s the Murray/Rossi race in Washington state that will make the difference.  Here’s hoping Rossi doesn’t experience the same disappointment as he did in 2004, when Democrats kept counting the ballots until they got the result they wanted and his win as Governor was turned into a loss.  With Vice President Joe Biden as the tie-breaker in the upper chamber, Harry Reid will still be the Senate President, but he’ll be ruling over a much different dynamic.  Heck, they might even start taking input from Republicans.

Yeah, right.

The Senate is also where three key races ended in defeat for the cause of liberty.  As already implied, Harry Reid seems to have beat Sharon Angle in Nevada, the race in Alaska apparently went to sore loser Lisa Murkowski and upstart Christine O’Donnell didn’t quite make the cut in Delaware.  Over the next several days and months I’m pretty sure the MSM and “certified smart” people on both the left and the right are going to be talking about how this is a loss, a disappointment or at least evidence  the Tea Party movement isn’t really all that much of an issue.  Don’t believe them.  We haven’t seen the last of these folks and the dream of a return to a Constitutional Republic is still quite alive, thank you very much.

And don’t forget “Tea Party” favorites like Michele Bachman and Mike Lee  were successful.   As the war continues, some of the other elected officials can still catch on.

Remember, this was just the first major battle of this revolution.  While the rebels held the mighty British army at bay during the Battle of Breed’s Hill (often called Bunker Hill), they were eventually routed so it wasn’t a clear victory.  Most battles – particularly early ones – don’t have clear winners and losers.  The important thing is that we’ve had the battle, we won more than we lost and, at the end of the day, the Obama/Reid/Pelosi stampede to socialism has been stalled.

We have other skirmishes and battles ahead of us but, as first tests of resolve go, this one didn’t go at all badly.


Written by Jeffrey S. Smith

4 November 2010 at 6:46 am

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