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GOP: are we aiming at the right target?

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Let me ask you a question…

If every elected office in every city, county, state and the Federal Government was filled by a Democrat but the policies were in line with the limited government described by the nation’s Founders, will we have won or lost?  Putting it another way, if every office were held by a Republican but we had a socialist economy, will we have won or lost the battle for liberty?

Some folks are going to get the point right away; if we have liberty, it doesn’t matter which political party is in power.  Likewise, if we’re under oppression or tyranny, the party label is completely irrelevant.    But others – and this includes a lot of those in Republican Party leadership – are going to find it hard to grasp this concept.  For years, the stated goal of the GOP at all levels has been to “get Republicans elected.”  This is the wrong goal; it should be to promote policies that match the fundamental ideology of the Republican Party.

Sure, one of the best ways to get Republican ideals into political reality is to elect Republicans, but the difference involves what sort of Republican.  If we don’t ask our candidates the question, “how will you move the agenda forward?” we’re likely to continue to get what we’ve gotten – elected officials who follow the progressive path of Teddy Roosevelt and other Republicans, growing government at the expense of individual liberty.  Okay, so they don’t grow government at the same breakneck speed as, say, Barack Hussein Obama and the crowd currently in control, but both Presidents Bush did grow the government, and so have most elected Republicans since the early Twentieth Century.

Now, I’m a social and fiscal conservative; I believe government has a moral responsibility to protect its most vulnerable citizens and that certain lifestyles demean both the people who practice them and the society which allows it.  But, at this point in our nation’s history, I’m willing to ally with the growing libertarian populist movement because, until we get government under control, my social issues can never be corrected.   Our common cause must be liberty so we can discuss and deal with the results of “license” at a later date.

So, I support most Republicans but, more to the point, I work hard in the Primary season to make sure the Republican who is most likely to promote the cause of liberty gets the nomination.  As a party, we need to weed out those candidates who will talk the talk but don’t walk the walk; who support government spending on this program or that.  The country has been on a junk food diet and it will be hard to wean us off but, if we’re going to conserve what remains of our liberty,  most of us are going to have to stand up and say “enough is enough.”

And we’re going to have to vote for those who will move forward the cause of liberty, regardless of political party.  If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting.


Written by Jeffrey S. Smith

25 February 2010 at 12:23 pm

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